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Ocean King 2 Golden Legend

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Ocean King 2: Red Dragon Arcade Machine is a dedicated 6 player video redemption game which features the iconic oceanic theme that has become synonymous with the English version Ocean King series.

The cabinet features vibrant LED lighting, a large LCD screen with High Definition 3D rendered graphics that brings each ocean themed stage vibrantly to life, and the cabinet itself has been redesigned for a more modern streamlined style.

The aim of the game, as always, is for the player to catch as many fish as possible the the allotted time. Each player has a weapon with three power levels to help them catch all kinds of fish. These levels range from Normal Speed, Accelerated Speed, to Aim for the Target.

The game play mechanics are as simple and straightforward as ever, making the game accessible for players of all skill levels. Players simply use the joystick to aim their gun tube at the fishy characters, then hit the SHOOT button to try and catch them. Players receive points for everey fish they catch and when they have finished the stage, players simply press and hold the Payout button for 3 seconds.

Dragon Games: Fire Kirn includes 17 different species of fish, plus 3 different kinds of crabs, three Jumbo Fish, and four BOSS characters. The fish characters have different values and these values are operator adjustable: values can be set onto either a low Odds Level or a high Odds Level.

Fire Kirn Gameplay

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    The Ocean King English Version, This version is the only one with note acceptor, thermal printer and modified payout percentage for operators. The fish hunter game, up to 6- 8 players can go VS in a race against each other to catch […]

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