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A Few Favorite Features of Our Ocean King Game Tables

If you are a fan of fish shooter games, then you know better than anyone else that Ocean King games are the best of the best. Between providing players with hours of intense, interactive gameplay and helping game room owners boost their profits, there is a lot to love about these high-quality games. At Fish Game Kings, we proudly offer industry-leading gaming tables, gaming cabinets, and of course, Ocean King games. Today, we’ll take a quick look at some of the Ocean King game features that gamers and game room operators love the most. Let’s get started!


Incredible Sound and Graphics

If there is anything that gamers notice first when they sit down to play, it will be the quality of the game sound and graphics. When paired with our gaming tables and cabinets, Ocean King games offer an unbeatable gaming experience. Sea creatures come to life on large 55- and 60-inch HD LG LCD monitors and thanks to the premium sound system with centered subwoofers, players will feel like they are right in the middle of the action at all times.

Competitive Gameplay

One of the best parts of the fish game experience is the intense, competitive gameplay that these arcade games encourage. Our gaming cabinets and tables can be customized and configured in many ways, and they are often capable of hosting anywhere from two to 10 players. This enables players to walk up, sit down, and join in on the action anytime there is an empty spot, allowing them to enjoy the most competitive gameplay experience possible with your Ocean King game.


Bountiful Multipliers

It is safe to say that gamers and game room owners most certainly have something in common. Gamers want to enjoy playing a game that provides them with hours of competitive gameplay and game room operators want to do whatever they can to ensure games stay on their premises for as long as possible. Ocean King games offer bountiful multipliers, which is a sure way to keep gamers coming back for more time and time again.

Durable Push Buttons and Joysticks

If you have ever invested in a gaming cabinet or table only to be disappointed by its longevity and durability, then it is likely that you got talked into purchasing a sub-quality item. Our Ocean King game cabinets and tables are manufactured with high-grade materials, including durable pushbuttons and joysticks with high-grade micros that can withstand hundreds of thousands of uses. When durability and longevity matter, game room operators turn to Fish Game Kings to provide them with the best tables for fish shooter games.

Ergonomic Design

Players love the ergonomic design of our pushbuttons and joysticks because it allows them to play their favorite games for longer. Game room operators love the ergonomic design for much the same reason — the longer a customer stays at the table, the better the odds the game room operator has of turning a profit. When players are uncomfortable, it can impact their gameplay in a negative way. They may not only leave the table early, but they may also tell their friends about your uncomfortable tables, and that is never a good thing for business.


If you are searching for a way to bring in more gamers, increase your profits, and bring an element of diversity to your game room, then Fish Game Kings is here for you. Our game tables, game cabinets, Ocean King games, and accessories allow you to offer the best, most competitive gameplay in town. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you enhance your gaming operations!

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