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Whether you found this blog post by searching for something like “the fish game,” “fish shooter games,” or “fish shooting games,” we’ve got some news for you — we don’t care.

It doesn’t matter how you found us at Fish Game Kings; what matters is you have now arrived at the home of the original and premier provider of fish arcade games in the United States. We develop, manufacture, and distribute a wide variety of fish shooting games, including some brand new titles we will be highlighting in today’s blog. With superior equipment and world-class lifetime tech support, there’s plenty of reasons to choose Fish Game Kings as your provider of everything from cabinets to games to our FGK Anti-Cheat Alarm System and other accessories!

But rather than talk about the many merits of choosing Fish Game Kings as your go-to provider of all things related to fish arcade games, we are going to take the opportunity to highlight a number of new game titles that have recently been released. Ocean King 3 Blackbeard’s Fury, Goddess of Mercy, Fire Kiran 2, and 3D Kong are among them, so read on if you are looking to showcase the hottest new games at your game-playing venue!


The latest fish shooting game in the Ocean King 3 Plus series, Ocean King 3 Plus: Blackbeard’s Fury brings you the same addictive, skill-based gameplay with brand new characters and challenges to boot! From Blackbeard’s Ghost Ship to Poseidon to the Darkness Monster to the Ancient Crocodile and Almighty Octopus, there’s enough action in this game to make your head spin! A fishing game that allows up to eight players to play at a time, Blackbeard’s Fury can be configured for 6, 8, and 10 players, making a great choice no matter what kind of setup your establishment has!


Ocean King 3 Plus: Poseidon’s Realm is another brand new fish shooter game in the Ocean King 3 Plus Series. Ideal for 6, 8, or 10 players, you deal with many of the same characters you’ve grown to know and love catching (or perhaps we should say your customers have grown to know and love), plus some brand new features and characters to keep things fresh!

In this fish arcade game, players contend with gameplay elements like Fast Bombs, Super Bomb Crabs, Laser Crabs, Smash Hammer Crabs, Emperor Crab, and Roulette Crabs. And those are just the crabs! You’ve also got to account for the Fire Dragon, Ancient Crocodile, Darkness Monster, and, lest we forget, Poseidon himself!


Ocean King 3 Plus: Turtle’s Rage is an exciting, stimulating, and competitive edition of the Ocean King 3 Plus series. To outside observers, it might seem like pure chaos when watching the action, but to play the game is an experience all its own. The game features swimming dragons, numerous sea characters to capture, and a host of special weapons and special games that players can incorporate into their winning strategies. With new features like Smash Hammer Weapon and brand new Crab Monsters and a Mystic Dragon to boot, this game is all kinds of fun. The fish shooter game is playable for 4, 6, 8, or 10 players!


Kungfu Panda is a brand new fish shooter game. It features the widely-loved Panda while boasting that classic fish game gameplay we are all familiar with. If you love playing fish shooting games, there’s no reason why this should be an exception to the rule. If you are a venue owner looking to entice even more competition, you’ll be well on your way when you are able to boast having all the hottest new titles.


Tarantula fish games are popular all over the world, most notably in South Asia, Eastern Europe, and right here in the United States. These fish shooting games bring more of the same, yet are varied enough from one another to make sure that your players stay engaged in the gameplay. Reach out to us at Fish Game Kings for specifics about what we can offer your venue.

Other brand new game titles we carry here at Fish Game Kings include the following:

  • Goddess Of Mercy
  • 3D Kong (New) – featuring realistic 3D graphics
  • Tarantula
  • Fire Kiran 2
  • Fire Dragon
  • Black Pearl


Now that we’ve gotten your gears turning and juices flowing, we’ll take the rest of today’s blog to highlight what separates us from the pack here at Fish Game Kings.

If you are sitting there thinking that providers of fish shooting games and cabinets are essentially a dime a dozen, we’ve got some news for you — you’re wrong. Buy it nice, or buy it twice is a sentiment that rings true here. And when you consider the fact that we are the original premier manufacturer, designer, developer, and distributor fish game kings in the United States, going with the trusted supplier in Fish Game Kings makes a lot of sense.

But perhaps you are still on the fence about placing fish games in your venue in the first place. To get serious on you, you absolutely should do so if at all possible. Sure, we have a horse in this race, but fish shooter games are the hottest new skill arcade game on the market. Fish games built competitive excitement in your game room, which translates to a notable increase in revenue for establishment owners! They are doing massive numbers as they exponentially grow in popularity all over the country.

What’s more, you have the unique window opportunity to be a venue that people recognize and remember as a host of fish shooting games. Whether you run a convenience store, bar, smoke shop, laundromat, truck stop, or an adult arcade game, the time is now to act!


Fish Game Kings are your source to open up a brand new stream of revenue while increasing foot traffic in your establishment. Whether you are interested in Ocean King 3 Plus: Turtle Rage or Fire Kiran 2, there is one place to get completely equipped and ready to go for an affordable price. If you are ready to take that next step, we are confident that you’ll quickly see the virtues of being able to call yourself a host of fish arcade games. We are located in the USA and are always available for our past customers in the event where you need support.

Give us a call or contact us through our website to get started! We’d love to hear from you.

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