High-Score Secrets for Extra Fishy Gamers

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High-Score Secrets for Extra Fishy Gamers

Picture this: You’re the stalwart hunter on a legendary fishing vessel. Armed with a harpoon in one hand and a flintlock pistol in the other, you scan the horizon in search of your next catch. You taste the salty breeze on your lips. You feel your ship shudder as a strong gust catches the sails, yet you remain as determined as ever. You can sense it now. The fabled white whale approaches — do you have the skills to reel it in?

What we just described is how every player feels while enjoying the fish hunting arcade games from Fish Game Kings! Our digital games are widely regarded as arcade staples, but did you know that they’re great for home use as well? Whether you’re trying to deck out your man cave or take your game room to the next level, our game tables and arcade cabinets provide entertainment experiences like no other. Today, we’re sharing some insider tips on how to get the highest scores while playing. Read on to learn how you can conquer the high seas and make your friends cower before your gaming prowess!

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Timing Is Everything

In life, love, and fishing, timing is everything. It should be no surprise, then, that mastering your timing is one of the keys to topping the charts in our fish shooting arcade games. Our games feature zany power-ups and jaw-dropping special abilities, and learning to use them at the right time can often mean the difference between sinking or swimming.

For instance, Ocean King 3 Plus: Blackbeard’s Fury equips you with the powers of Blackbeard’s ghost ship, ancient crocodiles, fearsome fire dragons, and even Poseidon himself. When used at the proper moment, these abilities can help you catch all the fish on screen in one sweeping motion, causing your score to skyrocket.

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Focus on the Bosses

The only things crazier than the special abilities in our fish hunting arcade games are the Bosses. When one of these larger-than-life characters appears, you better hope that your weapons are loaded and your hand is gripping the joystick. Taking down these limited-time Bosses can net you massive rewards, so it’s best to focus on them with everything you’ve got. Whether you’re going up against King Kong, a mischievous leprechaun, or even a former president, you can be sure that it will be an action-packed encounter.

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Mix Up Your Strategy

At Fish Game Kings, we find that the highest-scoring players are often the ones who can pivot their strategy in an instant. Fortunately, our fish shooting arcade games give you the weapons and tools to do just that! Change your means of attack on the fly and adapt your tactics to match the demands of the level. Oh, and maybe steer clear of your local aquarium for a while — fish will fear you.

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Channel Your Inner Fisherman

Still struggling to smash the leaderboards on your new fishing game arcade cabinet? Perhaps the secret lies within channeling your inner fisherman. Rest your hands on the controls and close your eyes. Imagine a prize catch flopping around in your arms. You’re getting splashed, but it’s not enough to disguise the tears of joy running down your face.

Now, think about the avalanche of golden coins you’d earn if you accomplished the same achievement in Ocean King 3 Plus: Master of the Deep. Open your eyes. You’re ready.

Real arcade gamers know that your highest score is never high enough. Luckily, Fish Game Kings makes it easy to hone your skills at any local arcade, sports bar, bowling alley, or even your own home. You can sweat over the scoreboard on your own, or you can enjoy our games with up to ten other players!

So what are you waiting for? Heed the ocean’s call and put gamers everywhere on red alert. Contact us today!

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