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In part one of this two-part series highlighting Ocean King 3 Plus Poseidon’s Realm – The Latest Fish Arcade Game, we wouldn’t disagree if someone suggested we may have gotten a little side-tracked from the mission statement of the blog. That’s why we decided to turn that single post into a two-part series in the first place. To recap, we took our time getting to the actual fish shooter game description because we got carried away talking about what we do here at Fish Game Kings.

You can hardly blame us though — after all, this is the blog of Fish Game Kings, so we’d be remiss if we failed to point out what sets us apart from the competition as it relates to arcade skill game manufacturing, development, design, and distribution. From our high-quality equipment to our world-class customer support, you can confidently choose Fish Game Kings as your provider of top-class fish shooting games.

Speaking of setting ourselves apart from the competition, do us the favor of allowing us one more aside before we get to the meat and potatoes of today’s post. Fish Game Kings is proud to announce our one-of-a-kind Anti-Cheat Alarm System. For establishment owners and managers who have experienced the pain of losing money from your coin-operated video games, we bring you a revolutionary defense system to employ against cheaters and thieves. We won’t mince our words here; these people gaming the system are actively robbing you of your hard-earned revenue, and we are here to help you stop that.

Specifically, the Fish Game Kings Anti-Cheat Alarm System is designed to make sure you fish game cabinets are secured against cheaters by utilizing EMP (electromagnetic pulse) jammers.

The system is simple but effective:

  • The alarm system will intercept the signal by the EMP Jammers, the thieves’ weapon of choice.
  • Our system has the capacity to pick up multiple frequencies.
  • The Anti-Cheat System will trigger an alarm while flashing a red light that pulsates. The manager or tenant will be alerted, as will everyone in the establishment.
  • To install, all you have to do is mount the alarm on the inside or the outside of the machine. We’ll walk you through the rest, but trust us, it’s nothing to be intimidated by.

If you are looking for a fish hunter game machine for sale, we strongly recommend you consider protecting your investment. This is a highly-competitive game. And when the stakes get higher and higher, some people are capable of making unfortunate decisions. That’s just the reality. We can help at Fish Game Kings, and we’ll do so affordably.


Let’s talk about this fish hunting game in greater detail. In our last post, we covered the high-level basics — it’s a fish shooter game that is based on collecting points. You collect points by capturing fish, and you capture fish by shooting all kinds of targets a requisite amount of times. We also touched on the strategy of the game, insofar as some player preferring to let other players do the dirty work, while they swoop in to get the final shot, thus collecting all the points and wasting none of the time getting the fish’s hit points down. Whether you choose to employ this strategy or not, it’s part of the game, so keep that in mind!


Ocean King 3 Plus Poseidon’s Realm Description

Before we get caught in the weeds too much, talking about strategy and what not, let’s take a step back and discuss the features and inclusions of this fish arcade game. The new Ocean King 3 Plus Poseidon’s Realm Game Board is a fish shooting game that supports 4, 6, 8, or 10 players. The game offers the chance to shoot red dragons, huge fish, sea creatures, and gain access to special weapons.

An attractive aspect of this game is that players can manually determine how many points they spend on each shot. Players who play more conservatively, but are accurate, might want to adjust their shot-strength to get the kill-shot. Players use joysticks to aim and shoot sea creatures, which will give them points if they are the ones to take the given creature down.

The game includes:

  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Game Manual
  • I/O Board
  • IGS Game Board – Ocean King 3 Plus Poseidon’s Realm
  • The arcade machine itself is not included
  • The game weighs 5 lbs


  • Brand New Smash Hammer Weapon
  • All new characters — the boss Poseidon, the Mystic Dragon, and new Crab Monsters
  • Compatible with fish tables that are designed for 4, 6, 8, or 10 players

Sea Creature Breakdown

So let’s get to the fun part, breaking down each creature you’ll encounter on your quest to dominate your opponents and capture as many fish as possible. Well, perhaps it isn’t your main priority, should you be a venue owner or manager looking to establish a new line of revenue, but it could that of your patrons. In any case, let’s check out what Ocean King 3 Plus: Poseidon’s Realm has to offer.

  • Almighty Octopus – The Almighty Octopus is a vengeful sea creature. Its enormous tentacles will reach across the entire screen and catch each fish in its hideous clutches.
  • Ancient Crocodile – Catch the Ancient Crocodile and you’ll be witness to a massive croc swimming across the screen. This huge crocodile will swallow up an ample number of fish and other sea creatures, which means you’ll collect an equally ample number of points.
  • Darkness Monster – Darkness Monsters, when caught, will attack every fish and sea creature from the screen’s center. Keep in mind the Darkness Monster will attack multiple times.
  • Emperor Crab – If a player is skilled enough to catch the Emperor Crab, every fish on the screen will be blitzed by numerous Emperor Crabs which enclose upon them as they circle the screen. It’s a sight to behold.
  • Fire Dragon – One of Ocean King 3 Plus Poseidon’s Realm’s best new features is the Fire Dragon, which slinks across the screen every now and then during gameplay. If a player catches the Fire Dragon, it trips a series of intense explosions, which captures every single fish on the screen.
  • Poseidon – Ahh, the main boss, the big baddy, the villain of villains. Poseidon himself can be caught in this fish hunter game. Once that occurs, expect a few waves of attacks from the main man. Whoever was lucky enough to take Poseidon down will reap the benefits of Poseidon helping them catch a healthy number of fish.


Fish Game Kings exists to distribute, manufacture, design, and develop a wide variety of fish arcade games. This much we’ve established. We’ve also established the fact that venue owners have options when it comes to selecting fish game cabinet providers and developers.

However, you have only one choice if you are looking for the very first fish game company completely dedicated to manufacturing and developing games in the USA. Our products are manufactured, developed, and designed right here in the USA, which means you can be assured of their quality.

On top of that, we have the competitive advantage of having strategic relationships in many states across the country. This means we can support our clients’ needs more quickly and accurately than the average provider.

Plain and simple, we provide superior equipment and lifetime tech support here at Fish Game Kings. We have multiple fish arcade games that have recently been released, including Black Pearl and Monster Sponges Revenge! Look out for a future post in which we will individually highlight both of these fish shooting games, in addition to a variety of the other games we have on offer.

In the meantime, you can check out our games here. You’ll see why people quickly become addicted!

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