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As a kid, you probably loved haunted houses, full of ghosts, ghouls, scares, and screams. As an adult, you may still love to visit haunted houses, especially if you have kids. There’s something about abandoned houses that intrigue us and make us want to explore them. Perhaps we want to try to imagine who lived there. Perhaps we just want to satisfy our innate curiosity of what lies behind doors. Or, perhaps we like cobwebs, dust, and abandoned and run down furniture. Whatever the case may be, haunted houses are simply cool.

Fish Game Kings offers our Haunted House fish game that appeals to your love of haunted houses. You’ll be faced with jumping scarecrows on pogo sticks, flying demons, genies carrying bombs, creeping trees, dragons, Dracula, walking pumpkins, and of course, zombies. A haunted house wouldn’t be complete without zombies. An occasional witch will fly by, as well as a jack-o-lantern pumpkin. You may even see a magic lamp float by. The ultimate prize will be when the Giant Cyclops appears bent on ending all of your fun.



Fish Game Kings offers the best fish cabinets for your customers’ viewing pleasure. You can seat from four to 10 people at a fish gaming table. All our fish game tables feature HD LCD monitors with stunning visual graphics, durable joysticks, and push buttons. We make our gaming cabinets out of reinforced steel for durability and longevity. Plus, these gaming tables are comfortable to sit at for hours on end. Your customers will rave. Our gaming cabinets have all been engineered with the customer in mind.

Whether you have a tiny space in a corner you want to monetize, or you’re looking to fill an entire room or space with fish cabinets, we can help. We offer lifetime tech support on all of our gaming cabinets, so you won’t have to worry if anything breaks down. In addition, we carry every spare part you may possibly need, as well as our Anti-Cheat Alarm System to protect your investment. We care about your success and the value that you add to your customers’ lives. We are committed to excellence in teamwork and innovation, and we strive to be on the cutting edge of fish games and fish gaming cabinets. Contact us about one of our fish game cabinets, or about creating a custom game cabinet for your needs today!

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