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Fish Game Kings, the original and premiere provider of fish hunting game cabinets and games in the USA, is proud to offer exceptional customers service and lifetime tech support. In this ever-expanding market, it’s no secret that a company like ours needs to differentiate ourselves from the pack however we can. Luckily, we naturally have plenty of virtues we can highlight in these posts.

In posts of the past, we’ve taken the time to shine the proverbial spotlight on our variety of strengths, from our lifetime tech support to our superior equipment. Beyond that, we have many other attributes we’d like to use today’s post to point out.

We’ll also take a look at what kind of establishments can best harness fish shooting games as a breadwinner in addition to answering a few of the frequently asked questions which we receive. Keep reading if you are looking for fish game cabinets, fish game developers, or fish game manufacturers; because we do all three, and we do it well!

As we’ve mentioned above, we are the first of our kind; we are the original USA manufacturers, developers, distributors, and designers of what some people refer to as simply “the fish game.” Obviously, we are of the opinion that this gives us a competitive edge, especially when you consider the fact that we produce all of our games and products right here at our in-house, state-of-the-art facility. In this market, being assured of genuine quality is becoming more and more important since there are more and more producers of veritable fool’s gold, if you’ll allow the term.

More specifically related to our arcade game cabinets, we are able to customize production to fit our customers’ unique needs. This means we are more than capable of taking your ideas and bringing them to life to create a custom arcade cabinet. We also place your logo on the fish game cabinet. When you choose Fish Game Kings as your partner, you are assured of quality, reliability, and lifetime tech support in case anything needs modification or repair down the road.

The fact that we are developers, manufacturers, designers, and distributors means we are self-sufficient where we need to be, which has the net effect of our clients getting their issues resolved more quickly than they might expect. Our cabinet designs include Super Luxury Cabinets (High Roller), Luxury Cabinets (Black Out with Gold Trim, Yellow Gold-N, Red Black-N), Comfort Cabinets (Red Black-O, Gold-O, Yellow-N, Gold Bubble-O), 4-Player Arcade, 4-Player Slim Line, and 2-Player Slim Line.

If you don’t understand the differences between the above list, or indeed, what a vendor should know to be able to choose the right arcade game cabinet, don’t stress; just give us a call or reach out to us on our contact page, and we’d be happy to guide you through the selection process. We’ll make sure you find the cabinet that will increase ROI and foot traffic in your establishment. It’s what we do, and we love doing it!

Fish Shooter Games

Let’s take a step back and describe the basics of what these fish shooting games actually are. They are skill-based arcade games which anywhere between two to ten players can enjoy. Whether you are playing Ocean King 2 Golden Legend, King of Treasures Plus, Tarantulas, or Ocean King 3 Plus Turtle’s Rage, these games promote a social, competitive environment where players will face off against one another to earn points. Players earn points by capturing fish. Players capture fish by firing at them. Interestingly, you are able to modify the strength of your weapons by increasing your point value per shot. However, players have a finite number of points, so they must allocate their resources wisely.

Alright, to be fair, there isn’t a singular “fish game” — there are many versions of “the fish game.” But the intent of learning how to play the fish game is somewhat valid because there exists a degree of crossover from fish shooter game to game.

No matter which game you are playing, players need to shoot the characters, usually sea creatures and fish, on the screen to earn points. Each sea creature, fish, or character has point-values assigned to them. Players can tell which characters have more point-values on the side of the screen. Naturally, characters that give players more points (when they are captured by them) will take more fire to bring down. While multiple players can shoot at a character simultaneously, only one player, he or she who makes the final-blow, rakes in the points. This means that one player can be working on capturing a character for some time, using up ammunition, while another can swoop in at the last second and deal a massive strike.

The strategy and competitiveness of these games are there to see!

Some fish arcade games allow a player to change weapons by simply pulling back on the joystick in two quick movements. This might give a player the ability to fire the Electrical Weapon which lets them lock onto the game’s main boss character. These bosses have higher values which means a player can maximize their winnings if they are able to take them down. In other fish shooting games, all you need to do to lock onto characters is hold the joystick forward or backward. Each game is a little bit different!



If you are looking for Ocean King 3 or Ocean King 2 games for sale, you’ve come to the right place at Fish Game Kings. Below you’ll find a list of our skill-based fish arcade game titles. Keep in mind that if you don’t see the game you are interested in learning more about or purchasing, just give us a call and we’ll let you know what we have available.

  • Ocean King 3 Plus – Crab Avengers
  • Ocean King 3 Plus – Turtle’s Rage
  • Ocean King 3 – Dragon Mania
  • Ocean King 3 – Turtles Revenge
  • Ocean King 3 – Monster Awakens
  • Ocean King 3 – Golden Conquest
  • Ocean King 2 – Thunder Dragon
  • Ocean King 2 – Golden Legend
  • Ocean King 2 – Monster
  • Magical Ocean
  • Fire Kiran
  • Dragon Hunter
  • Bomber Trump™
  • Fire Kiran 2™
  • Fire Dragon™
  • Monster Sponges Revenge™
  • Black Pearl™
  • Tarantula™
  • Kungfu Panda™

What Venues Are Best To Place Fish Hunter Arcade Games?

Excellent question. Whether establishment managers or owners have found this blog looking for cocktail arcade cabinets, multi-game arcade machines, or are just starting their research about the “fish arcade game,” we are happy to tell folks in-market that a wide variety of venues can support fish hunter game machines.

Venue types which have seen exceptional ROI include skill game rooms, sweepstakes cafes, convenience stores, restaurants, bowling alleys, laundromats, bars, truck stops, arcades, amusement facilities, smoke shops, grocery stores, Dave & Busters, Frankie’s Fun Parks, and others.

Really, the common denominator here is that if you have a room and the ability to get the word out about your new fish hunting arcade cabinet, you’ve got a great opportunity to establish a new revenue stream.


Our fish game cabinets include 55-inch LED monitors, bill feeders, and two, four, six, eight, and ten player units. If you are interested in capitalizing on this fast-growing, borderline-addictive game playing experience, get in touch with us at Fish Game Kings today!

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