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Perhaps you’ve heard of fish games or even seen them played. Maybe you’ve just seen videos of fish games, such as those on our YouTube channel. However you’ve heard of fish games, you are now curious what they are.

Fish Game Kings offers the best fish tables, fish shooting games, and online fish games. From Batman and Trump to Ocean King and Fire Kirin Online, we offer the best fish games for your establishment. Below, we’ll explain what fish games are. If you are interested in our fish games or fish tables, including our customer fish gaming tables, then contact us today!


Fish games are games of skill where players compete against each other in order to win coins and then prizes. They are called fish table games because fish games are played on a table. Like the name implies, fish games involve fish and, most frequently, an underground fish scene. The visuals of these games are stunning, displayed with the latest visual technology and screens. They are bright and full of color — beautiful you could even say. They are played by shooting at characters and fish, which each carry a point value. These points are then added up and those with the most at the end of the game wins.

While the premise for fish games remains largely the same, each new game features a new Boss or Bosses. These are the primary characters of the fish game, and when you capture them, you earn big money and possibly bonus rounds. For example, in our latest game, President Trump is featured. We also have a Batman fish game as well. The main Bosses, however, are usually animals such as Raging Ape or Fire Kirin. All of this adds up to add variety into the fish game and makes them incredibly interesting, fun, and entertaining.



Fish Game Kings is an innovator in the fish table games industry. We are America’s original manufacturer of fish game tables and accessories. We are constantly releasing new fish games for your business in order to keep your guests entertained and them coming back for more. In fact, we’ve just released five new fish shooting games, including Ocean Kings Series Games, King Kong, Raging Ape, Leprechaun, and Buffalo Thunder 2. With fish arcade games, you have a good idea what they are about and feature by their name. We offer lifetime tech support on all of our fish tables, custom fish tables, and fish game accessories. Our mission is to help your business grow by helping to fill any empty space you may have with a fish table game.

Fish games are fun to play with your friends and to compete against. For businesses, they can add an additional source of revenue since you have to pay to play. Besides, fish games are fun to play and can be an excellent way to build up your customer base as people will visit your establishment just for the games. If you are interested in getting started with fish games, reach out to our dedicated team today!

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