When it comes to the profitability of a game room or another type of entertainment establishment, high-quality games and gaming cabinets make all the difference. Fish Game Kings is your source for games, tables, and cabinets that can help attract more gamers to your place of business to increase your bottom line. Our gaming cabinets are made right here in the United States and we are happy to offer a lifetime warranty on them. Below, you will find articles about our gaming cabinets that describe the different varieties we offer, how they are made, and why our customers love them. Continue reading to learn more and then contact our team today to get started!

  1. How to Play Fish Table Games fish game kings

    How to Play Fish Table Games

    Games have been around since the beginning of time. Think of the classics that you played as a child: tic-tac-toe, card games, chess, checkers, and Monopoly. Humans have had a desire to invent items to not only entertain but to also compete and have fun with others. After all, it's fun to rise to th…Read More

  2. A Few Favorite Features of Our Ocean King Game Tables

    If you are a fan of fish shooter games, then you know better than anyone else that Ocean King games are the best of the best. Between providing players with hours of intense, interactive gameplay and helping game room owners boost their profits, there is a lot to love about these high-quality games.…Read More

  3. 5 Reasons to Love Our Gaming Cabinets

    If you own an entertainment establishment of any kind, you know that the quality of your games and gaming cabinets are directly tied to your profitability. Fish Game Kings is a nationwide leader in manufacturing fish shooter games as well as tables and cabinets that help people just like you boost t…Read More

  4. Fish Game Kings – Your Source For Fish Arcade Games

    If you are in the market for a fish shooter games, fish arcade games, or fish game cabinets in general, you’ve come to the right place here at Fish Game Kings. We, Fish Game Kings, Inc., comprise the very first fish game company exclusively dedicated to game development and manufacturing right her…Read More