Game Features

The characters and competitive gameplay are just a part of what makes this fish arcade game so special. Here’s a sneak peek at a few of the weapons players will find in Goddess of Mercy:

  • Rail Gun: Emits a huge ray of fire, shooting any fish in its path for maximum points
  • Interlink: Creates multiple circular explosions, capturing several characters at a time
  • Drill Bomb: Sends a destructive drill careening across the screen
  • Petit Fire: Shoots multiple little flames for optimal fish shooting
  • Freeze: Shoots bursts of ice to freeze all fish on the screen
  • Jade Gourd: Sucks in numerous fish and characters for high points
  • Missile Rain: Shoots multiple missiles, snagging players incredible point values

Whether you choose a specific weapon or you win it by chance on the spinner wheel, these items help give you an advantage over your opponents.