King Kong’s Rampage

The Great Ape Rises Again!


Experience This Undersea Adventure

The fish skill game, King Kong's Rampage, is full of non-stop action, fun and excitement. From exploding Super Bomb Crabs to watching Vortex Fish suck all of the fish of the same species into a whirlpool and having Kong fight Crocodile, your customers will never be bored. Fish Game Kings makes the best fish tables, which are available online and can be customized to fit your venue, whether you're a pool hall, laundromat, convenience store, or arcade. Keep your customers coming back for more with King Kong fish games. Order your fish table online today!

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  • Capture King Kong for an epic Boss Battle
  • When Kong attacks the crocodile, players win big
  • When Kong rages, the attack gains speed and more credits are rewarded
  • Laser Crab catches everything in its path
  • Smash Hammer Crab smashes every fish on the screen
  • Roulette Crab triggers a roulette bonus round
  • And so much more!

King Kong's Rampage

Fish games are gaining in popularity all across the United States. They began in Asia and have grown ever since, making their way across the pond (pardon the pun) and into businesses here in the US. There is so much variety, like King Kong’s Rampage, and with new games coming out all the time, that you can play different games for hours and never be bored. Fish games are fun, thrilling, and offer great entertainment. These fish skill games will test your mettle as you compete against others, and, like other skill games, you’ll get better the more you play.


Fish Game Kings offers the best in fish games and fish tables. We offer a variety of fish cabinets from luxury fish cabinets to 4-player platinum versions. You can choose compact or large, depending on the space you wish to fill at your place of establishment. We offer lifetime customer support on every fish game table we sell. If you are interested in offering these fish game tables, give us a call. We can help you decide which fish cabinet will work well in your place and walk you through the setup process. We also offer custom fish game tables, so if you have a unique space, it’s not a problem!

Fish Game Kings makes the best fish table games for your enjoyment. Visit us online for a fish table for your establishment to bring in more revenue for you. Order today!