Lucky Lobster

You Won’t Want To Put This Fish Game Down


Online Fish Games Are Here!

The newest fish game from Fish Game Kings has arrived! Lucky Lobster will keep you entertained for hours with the ability to earn massive coin prizes when you defeat each challenge. This arcade game allows everyone to earn significant bonuses and huge multipliers. When you play Lucky Lobster, you are no ordinary fish gamer but are armed with the special AI Auto Lock Weapon. But don’t just take it from us; play Lucky Lobster online or at a fish game video arcade near you!



Features of Lucky Lobster Online Fish Game

  • Golden Toad: Engage the Golden Toad with your shooter to Level Up (up to 1000X) with its special ability Multiplier.

  • Golden Ship: Coins, coins, coins! Unlock the golden ship and it will steer itself to your station and dock itself to dispense coins!

  • Fire Dragon Turtle: Shoot the turtle to send it into a shell shock. The blue mana energy border will illuminate, signifying you are in the extra points zone.

  • Flaming Dragon: With mega lasers and fire breath coming from all four corners of the gaming environment, be ready to be showered by incredible coin earnings!

  • Auto Lock Up: Empowered by Artificial Intelligence, your powerful beam will automatically lock onto the highest prized fish on the screen, ensuring you’re going big!

Lucky Lobster

The Lucky Lobster is your best friend in this game, carrying with it gaming slots on its back. Once you get its attention, the crustacean will extend its claw into your station and start dispensing coins while spinning its slots. Will you match the 777 for the MegaWin? You’ll have to play to see!


Why Choose Fish Game Kings?

At Fish Game Kings, we understand that our customers need the best fish tables and fish games on the market. That's why we manufacture all of our custom fish game tables in the United States, designed to be easy to use and with amazing graphics. Plus, we are able to customize each table to fit your space, no matter if you're a restaurant, bowling alley, or laundromat.

Installing a Fish Game Kings fish game table is a great way to provide entertainment for your customers. Contact us today to get started!

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