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You’re looking for skill-based games that you can use to set up an additional revenue stream at your establishment, and we’ve got them. Pandora Technologies, with Fish Game Kings, offers the latest, most-sought-after skill games for arcades. Whether you are looking for multiplayer skill games, skill-based fish games, or you’ve done your research and know you are interested in a V67 skill game, we’ve got you covered with the skill-based games you need. As is the case with all accessories, fish game cabinets, and fish table games provided by Fish Game Kings, you can count on Pandora Technologies to offer affordable prices on the top skill game titles you want!


The beauty of pre-reveal games is found in their ability to showcase each scenario that might occur. This “pre-reveal option” means a player completely understands what is possible in terms of prizes won. Further, owners of venues like restaurants, bars, truck-stops, amusement parks, gas stations, and adult arcades will be thrilled to learn that this functionality lets games to follow any regionally-specific laws that need to be considered. The long and the short of it is that if you’ve been searched for skill-based mandatory pre-reveal games, Pandora Technologies has you covered with these fish arcade games that people are fast-becoming crazy about!


NCG (No Chance Games) are another way that people classify the skill-based games we offer at Pandora Technologies. With our game cabinets, multiplayer skill-games, nudge games, pre-reveal games, and other arcade games, folks have come to learn that we know a thing or two about how to make a game people will love playing. So if you are searching for the latest Ocean King 3 games titles, we’ve got you covered. Our offerings include:

  • 2 Player Skill Games
  • 4 Player Skill Games
  • 6 Player Skill Games
  • 8 Player Skill Games
  • 10 Player Skill Games

As you can probably infer, we offer all kinds of multiplayer skill games with dexterity. Now that we’ve established that fact, let’s talk about what folks go so crazy the aforementioned skill-based fish games.



The secret is wrapped up in the name of the classification of games itself — “skill.” It’s exactly the fact that these games are not based on chance, but are rather based on user ability, that fosters a competitive, fun environment practically wherever these fish shooter games can be found!

These games create an entertaining social environment in which players must compete against one another to win prizes. The most skilled players can play these truly unique games as they refine their abilities on a variety of games that include the likes of Ocean King 3 Plus – Crab Avengers and Monster Sponges Revenge.


For establishment owners who are looking to establish a new revenue stream in their venue, we at Pandora Technologies want you to know that we’ve seen many different kinds of venues see dramatic ROI after they’ve set up a fish skill game. These skill-based games are often sold to places like skill game rooms, sweepstakes cafes, Frankie’s Fun Parks, convenience stores, grocery stores, laundromats, truck stops, amusement parks, adult arcade centers, bars, and restaurants. A good rule of thumb here is: if there is a good amount of foot traffic in the venue you are considering, it’s probably not a bad idea! Who isn’t a fan of making money while providing their customers with great fun?


We offer pretty much any and all game titles, game cabinets, equipment, and game development services you might need. Pandora Technologies, together with Fish Game Kings, offers world-class customer support along with superior equipment. On top of that, we are the first and premier distributor of skill-based fish games on the market. Contact us today! We’d love to hear from you and meet your needs.

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