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Fish Game Kings offers proprietary fish gaming tables and fish games manufactured in the United States. Featuring a comfortable, ergonomically crafted game cabinet, our fish game tables stand head and shoulders above the crowd with large HD LCD monitors, enhanced joysticks and push buttons for better micromovements, and a bright, stunning exterior design that is sure to attract attention.

We are asked all of the time what the best strategies for winning at our fish games are, so without further adieu, we’ll offer up some strategy tips and advice for winning at fish games. Visit our website today to order your fish game table for your place of business.


Play A Fish Game You Like

There are hundreds of different fish games on the market today. This is great because that means you have choices. However, some games can be downright boring (not the fish games made by Fish Game Kings, of course!). If you are not having fun or enjoying yourself, then you’re not going to win. Instead, we recommend that you choose a fish game that is visually appealing, has great sound quality, and rewards you appropriately and generously. Because if you’re not winning, you won’t play. All of the fish games offered by Fish Game Kings offer all of this and more, including Ocean King 2 and Kung Fu Panda.

Not All Fish Are Created Equal

All the fish and other objects in your fish shooting game are worth different points. When you first sit down to play, you’ll want to observe carefully how much each fish is worth and how many bullets it takes to kill each fish. You’ll want to conserve your bullets for the bigger fish that are worth more money. Thus, one great fish shooting game strategy is to let the other players shoot the fish for you and then you shoot last to collect the points for the kill. Ultimately, you want to maximize your bullets by what it takes to kill a fish and if it’s worth killing or not.


Slow But Steady Can Win the Game

All fish shooting games feature cool fish and sea creatures that swim across the screen. Remember, you only get points if you’re the one that kills the fish. That being said, some fish swim faster than others, making them harder to kill. Plus, you could end up wasting a lot of bullets if you can’t kill the fish before it swims off the screen. Thus, observe the speed of the fish. The slower fish are easier to kill, and although they may be worth less points, they may earn you more points over the long run just because you can kill them.

Easy to Install

There is nothing more exciting than purchasing a new gaming table or gaming cabinet from our skilled team of manufacturers. We understand that you don’t want to waste any time in getting it set up and your employees trained on its operation. With this in mind, we intentionally designed our gaming cabinets to be easy to install. In fact, many of our tables take only 20 minutes to install and get your team fully trained.


Fish Game Kings offers beautiful interfaces, amazing graphics, superb sound, and great point systems to ensure you have fun while playing. We offer our own fish games for our fish gaming tables, and most other fish games are compatible as well. Whether you are a fish game only establishment or you have an empty space in your convenience store you need to fill, we can help. Call us today for your fish games and fish gaming tables!

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