A Deep Dive Into Our Manufacturing Process: Creating Fish Game Tables

In the world of gaming, the allure of thematic visuals and strategic gameplay offered by fish game tables is undeniable. These tables offer thrilling experiences immersing players in underwater adventures as they aim to catch various virtual fish and earn points. But have you ever wondered how these intricate fish gaming tables come to life? Today, Fish Game Kings offers a glimpse "under the sea" into the meticulous and diligent process our team undertakes to create premium fish game tables. Order the best fish game tables today!

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The Idea

Every table's journey starts with a concept. Our talented design team delves into brainstorming sessions to conceive innovative styles and features that set us apart in the fish game table market. Inspired often by aqua life and underwater environments, our designers work diligently to strike a balance between aesthetics and game functionality, ensuring that each fish table is not just visually appealing but equally engaging and playable. Illustrations and sketches form the architectural foundation for our fish game tables, steering us on the path to detailed design development.

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The Fish Games

Once the fish shooting game concept and design are finalized from Fish Game Kings, it's time to bring the table to life. The software team now jumpstarts their quest to design the digital elements of the game. Starting with creating the fish on 3D software and animating them, they focus on making the fish game look and feel as realistic as possible. The team also writes multiple algorithms and programs that define how the fish would behave in the game, their speed, column, and how they react when they are 'caught' by the gamers. A significant effort goes into ensuring the software is intuitive, user-friendly, and impervious to glitches.

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Physical Construction

Parallel to software development, the construction of the physical fish gaming table commences. Unlike traditional manufacturing processes that might use assembly lines, each of our fish game tables is handcrafted. We start with sourcing high-quality materials that ensure durability for our tables. Skilled woodworkers then carefully carve and assemble the table frameworks with precision, ensuring the design's integrity and robustness.

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The Finish

Post-assembly, the fish game tables from Fish Game Kings are sent for finishing where several layers of paint are applied meticulously. Paint color and application methods are chosen in a manner to enhance the design elements of the fish game table. After the paint dries, a protective coat is applied to shield the fish gaming table from accidental spills, scratches, and wear and tear that can occur with prolonged use. Each layer, from paint to finish, is added with careful attention to detail ensuring seamless integration.

image of a table being tested

The Final Stage

The final stage in the manufacturing process of our fish game tables sees the fusion of hardware with software. The fish game table is rigged with screen panels, control boxes, joysticks, buttons, the speaker system, and if applicable, payment interfaces. In-house technicians work to integrate the software into the hardware system of the fish game table, linking every operation system and command prompts, ensuring a smooth gaming experience.

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Quality Checks

Post assembly, each fish gaming table undergoes rigorous quality checks from Fish Game Kings. Inspections are conducted to ensure that all the components and interactive elements are functioning correctly and synchronization exists between all related aspects. The quality control efforts ensure that every fish game table delivers the exquisite gaming experience it promises, without any compromise.


The artistry of creating a fish game table requires an impressive fusion of craftsmanship, technology, and diligent attention to detail. Our careful and thorough manufacturing process ensures that when you receive a fish game table from us, you're investing in long-lasting entertainment that marries dynamic design with seamless operability. So, next time when you see, or play on one of our fish game tables, remember the labor of love that has gone behind making it. Order from Fish Game Kings today!

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