Losing money from your coin operated video games? Then the FGK Anti-Cheat Alarm System is your defense against these cheaters robbing you of hard-earned revenue. The FGK Anti-Cheat Alarm system has been specifically designed to secure your fish game cabinets against cheaters using EMP Jammers.

  • Alarm system intercepts the signal by the EMP Jammers that cheaters are using
  • Picks up multiple frequencies
  • FGK Anti-Cheat Alarm System sounds a loud alarm and flashes a pulsating red light that will alert the tenant
  • Mount the alarm on the inside or outside of the machine

Stop the problem in its tracks by proactively defending yourself against arcade game cheaters. And remember, we at FGK offer superior equipment with lifetime tech support, so you’ll never be left out to dry.

Catch Thieves Red Handed with FGK Anti-Cheat Alarm System!