Fish Game Kings now offers a wide variety of fish games online, including Raging Ape. Raging Ape is sure to quickly become one of your favorites. When you catch the Ape, he’ll enter a rage, but you’ll rack up the points when you do. You’ll be surrounded by all your favorite fish to earn points from as well, and you’ll see Thunder Dragon and Emperor Crab make their appearance. With bonus rounds and non-stop action, you can compete against your friends for hours of fun. This game can be configured for players from two up to ten. With 3D graphics, superb sound, and a jackpot linking system, you’ll be sure to be on a wild ride!


Fish Game Kings offers the best fish tables, as well as fish games, on the market today. We manufacture our custom fish game tables in the United States designed with the user in mind. We stuff our fish arcade game tables full of easy-to-use controls and slots for play, eye-popping graphics, and room to maneuver. We can customize all of our fish game tables to fit your space, whether you’re a restaurant, bowling alley, laundromat, or more. We now offer a FGK Anti-Cheat Alarm System in order to protect your hard earned cash from thieves. Installing a fish game table at your place of establishment is a great way to help pad your bottom line and offer a great form of entertainment as well. Contact our team today!