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Walk into any gaming establishment and you’re bound to see dozens of games lining the walls and taking up prime real estate in the center of the floor. If you take a closer look, you’ll probably notice that the Ocean King games have more players around them than any other game does. People may even be waiting in line to play. Why is this? Fish Game Kings is your go-to source for high-quality shooting fish games and in today’s post, we’ll review five of the features that gamers can’t get enough of. Read on to learn more and then contact our team of developers to learn how you can incorporate these must-have games into your gaming operation.


Intense, Skill-Based Game Play

At the heart of every gamer lies a fierce sense of competition. Whether they going head’s up against another player or competing against nine other players for the highest score, no other arcade game offers the intense, skill-based gameplay that our Ocean King arcade games do. Players gather around an oval-shaped game table and go toe-to-toe, choosing the weapon that will allow them to shoot the fast-moving characters in order to amass as many points as possible. Multipliers and power-ups make the points even more valuable, increasing the competitive spirit tenfold. If that’s not a recipe for some exciting gameplay, we don’t know what is!


Vibrant Ocean Characters

Virtually all arcade games capitalize on gamers’ love of unique, high-definition characters. Ocean King takes their characters to the next level — when gamers are playing these shooting fish games, there is the sense that they have been transported to a dynamic underwater world full of vibrant, detailed characters. Emperor Crabs, Fire Dragons, Whale Kings, and other unique characters dart from one end of the screen to create a one-of-a-kind gaming experience that your patrons won’t experience with any other game, bringing them back to your table time and time again.

Bright, High Definition Displays

Unfortunately, too many game developers pour all of their resources into character design and development but fail to consider how these assets will translate onto the screen for players. Here at Fish Game Kings, our impeccable attention to detail ensures the best gamer experience, hands down. Our gaming tables feature high-definition 4K screens that give players a crystal-clear, expansive view of the gameplay that draws them into the action for hours of intense, competitive play.


Comfortable Gaming Tables

You want your players to stick around in your game room for hours. After all, the longer they stay, the more money they are likely to spend on the entertainment that you have provided them. The more comfortable your gaming tables are, the longer your players will stay at the table. With this in mind, we design our gaming tables to be as comfortable as possible. This is why we include ergonomically angled button panels and leather hand rests to ensure the comfort of your patrons for as long as they wish to remain at the table.

On-Demand Play

Last but not least, one of the best things about our shooting fish games is that they can be configured to accommodate anywhere from four to 10 players. Players can come and go anytime they please, allowing for seamless, uninterrupted gameplay whenever one person leaves and another joins the game. New players can join the game at any time, allowing for on-demand play that eliminates any wait for players who want to get in on the competitive gameplay that is already underway. The result? Hours upon hours of non-stop play, which is great news for your profit line.


Are you ready to take your gaming operation to the next level? There is no better way to attract gamers and boost your profits than by incorporating Ocean King arcade games into your operations. These shooting fish games strike the right combination of high odds, skill-based gameplay, and incredible graphics, all of which are sure to increase the amount of time that players hang out at the table. Our experienced team would love to speak with you about the many other ways our fish shooter games can benefit your business. Contact us today to get started — we look forward to speaking with you!

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