Fish Games are Skill Games with lots of excitement that creates a social game environment for players to meet and enjoy one another’s company while playing. Top skilled players can meet to play these unique games to test their abilities as they challenge one another for top prizes.

How to Play

Players shoot the characters on the screen to earn points. Every character has point values associated with them. Some characters have similar point values and these are shown on the game sticker applied to the machine. Tap the Weapon button to increase your point value per shot. Use the Shoot button to shoot your points while moving the Joystick back and forth to select the character you want to shoot.

Some game titles allow the player to change weapon by pulling back on the joystick in 2 rapid strokes. In some cases the player will have access to the Electrical Weapon that allows the player to lock onto certain predetermined “Boss” characters. “Boss” characters have higher values and maximize your winnings if you kill that Boss while playing. Other game titles allow you to lock your weapon on the characters by simply holding the joystick forward or towards you.