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Fish Game Kings is your one-stop-shop for Ocean King 3 fish shooting games. Not only do we offer a long list of fish shooter arcade games, but we are the original and premiere USA manufacturer, developer, designer, and distributor of games and cabinets. We produce everything at our own, state-of-the-art manufacturing location, so venue owners and managers looking to add a stable revenue stream to their establishment can shop from Fish Game Kings with confidence.

With our superior equipment lifetime tech support, and our ability to fully customize arcade games based on the needs of our customers, it’s no wonder why we are a highly rated fish shooting game company. We take great pride in our reputation in the same way we pride ourselves in offering our clients with high-quality service and game performance. From our Anti-Cheating Alarm System to the variety of parts and devices we offer our clients — in case any modification or customization is desired — we want our clients to get the absolute best. We excel in learning what the needs of our clients are, and then coming up with a tailored solution they are excited about. Fish Shooter Games We Offer

In addition to the fish arcade titles listed below, we also have access to most all fish game boards. If you have inquiries about game titles that aren’t listed, be sure to reach out to us to check on their availability. Keep in mind we offer game board development, so if you have a vision you’d like to make a reality, let us know. We’d be happy to brainstorm with you and bring your vision to life. Perhaps your venue could use a custom, branded skill-based fish arcade game!

  • Ocean King 3 Plus – Crab Avengers
  • Ocean King 3 Plus – Turtle’s Rage
  • Ocean King 3 – Dragon Mania
  • Ocean King 3 – Turtles Revenge
  • Ocean King 3 – Monster Awakens
  • Ocean King 3 – Golden Conquest
  • Ocean King 2 – Thunder Dragon
  • Ocean King 2 – Golden Legend
  • Ocean King 2 – Monster
  • Magical Ocean
  • Fire Kiran
  • Dragon Hunter
  • Bomber Trump™
  • Fire Kiran 2™
  • Fire Dragon™
  • Monster Sponges Revenge™
  • Black Pearl™
  • Tarantula™
  • Kungfu Panda™



In today’s post, we’ll be highlighting the some of the latest IGS games in the Ocean King fish hunting series: Ocean King 3 Plus: Crab Avengers, Ocean King 3: Turtles Revenge, Ocean King 3: Monster Awaken, and Thunder Dragon: Ocean King 2. Granted, that last title is part of the Ocean King 2 Series, but we like it, and this is our blog, so we can do what we want!

Ocean King 3 Plus: Crab Avengers

If you are familiar with the previous versions of Crab Avengers, you probably already have a working knowledge of what the arcade game has to offer. Ocean Kings 3 Plus – Crab Avengers only improves on what people already love about the game — why fix something that isn’t broken? With brand-new characters and engaging new features, experienced purists and curious newcomers alike will be sure to enjoy this fish shooting game.

There are 28 different sea creatures in total, and six to ten players can compete at one time to take the top spot away from one another. With stimulating themes, plenty of visual action complete with 3D graphics that are of the highest-quality, and an increased difficulty level that goes up to Level 30, there is a lot to like about the prospect of adding this fish arcade game to your arsenal.


There are a variety of features that Crab Avengers has to offer. From Fire Storm to Vortex Fish to Lightning Chains to Fast Bombs, players will never be without variations in gameplay. That’s what makes them keep coming back for more, after all!

  • Fire Storm – Fire Storm is a unique, free single-player game that randomly emerges while playing the primary Crab Avengers game. You are able to catch fish during a finite time frame. You can also gain additional time and multiply their points earned during the game. By shooting in a rapid-fire manner, you’ll be able to speed up the rate at which you attack. Then you’ll get a final score, which will include the multiplied value that you’ve earned.
  • Lighting Chain – This is an exciting aspect that occurs during regular gameplay. Certain fish species will become Lightning Fish. If you catch a Lightning Fish, you’ll affect a Lightning Chain, which is essentially the most exciting thing of all time: Lighting Chains look pretty impressive, and they’ll also automatically catch fish until the Chain runs its course. In case you are interested, Lightning Fish might be butterfly fish, fugu, flatfish, flying fish, spearfish, octopus, lobster, lionfish, or clown fish.
  • Vortex Fish – In a similar vein, certain fish species can become Vortex Fish. Vortex Fish get all the fish (of the same species) to become engulfed in a whirlpool of sorts, making them easier to pick off. Vortex Fish might be sea turtles, saw sharks, flatfish, lionfish, fogu, butterfly fish, clownfish, flying fish, spearfish, octopus, or lobsters.
  • Fast Bombs – Fast bombs is a free, single-player game that is, again, randomly available while playing the main Crab Avengers game. Players can catch fish for a determined period of time.
  • Golden Treasures – Another free game, this one is multiplayer in nature, but remains randomly accessible through playing the primary game. In Golden Treasures, players must utilize a searchlight and search for Imperial Whale and Golden Fish in order to attain points. During the hunt, a player might get a roulette treasure box which can supplement their score.

There are other features in Crab Avengers that also can be found in Ocean King 3 – Monster Awaken. Among them are the Darkness Monster Power Up, the Fire Dragon Turtle Power Up, and more fun mini-games! Let’s move along to Ocean King 3: Monster Awaken.

Ocean King 3 : Monster Awaken

Monster Awaken has a lot of similarities with Crab Avengers; it offers all-new characters, features, mini-games, and boasts 28 fish characters available for shooting and catching. The improved difficulty varies a little bit, with Monster Awaken reaching up to 26, as opposed to Level 30 with the previous title we listed.

Other features include the addition of boss characters and powered-up featured fish, in addition to hopper speed supports of 10ms and a double-time feature with better odds.

How To Play Ocean King 3: Monster Awaken

We’ve talked a good deal about features, but perhaps we should back up and explain how the game is played in the first place. The point of the game is to catch the most fish possible within the predetermined time limit the game has. Players use their guns to do this. These guns have three distinct settings — aim for the target, normal, and accelerated. As we mentioned above, there are 28 different fish you can try to catch, each worth their own point values. Put simply, you get higher scores by capturing more fish. It’s worth pointing out that some fish are worth more than others.

The game also sports mini-games, which are significant because they allow players a different avenue of earning points. Let’s take a look at a few of these mini-games found in Ocean King 3: Monster Awaken.

  • Super Bomb Crab – If you are able to catch a Bomb Crab, it will trigger an expansive explosion which might help players catch fish.
  • Drill Crab – If you catch a Drill Crab, it will fire projectile drills that can catch fish. The drill will eventually explode, giving players a window to catch fish within the blast range.
  • Roulette Crab – This is a bonus game in which you press your trigger button in order to stop the roulette from spinning. The bigger your number is when the roulette wheel stops, the higher your score! It’s a great chance to earn points while antagonizing other players who didn’t get the bonus game and are left to helplessly watch while you rack up all the points.

Again, there are others, but we had better stop there for the purposes of today’s post. After all, we weren’t able to get to Turtle’s Revenge or Thunder Dragons. That’s why, yet again, we will be turning this post into a two-part series! Keep an eye out for part two, and in the meantime reach out to us if you are interested in any of our services here at Fish Game Kings.

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